1-day Digital Marketing Courses

Virtual Classroom

Taught by professionals with proven track records in these areas, these interactive, often hands-on courses will help you master a range of digital marketing disciplines. Currently taught as ‘live’ online courses they are usually taught in training locations in London and Cardiff and even as tailored, in-house courses. Unlike our CIM qualifications these are non-accredited courses.

Virtual Classroom

Our 1-day Training Courses

Now delivered ‘live’ through Zoom, these digital marketing courses will help to take your marketing skills to another level.

Introduction to Digital Marketing

What is digital marketing and how can you make it work for you?

Google Analytics

A beginner-intermediate course aimed at giving you a thorough overview of this subject.

Social Media Video

A hands-on social media video course that will supercharge your social media video efforts.

Social Media Marketing

Learn the fundamentals of Social Media covering Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and much more.

SEO Content 101

A course designed and delivered by our specialist SEO partners, Liberty Marketing.


Build your own blog/website in a day. And learn how to start creating great content.

Facebook Ads

Master the tools and get tips and insights to create highly successful Facebook Ad campaigns.

Google Ads

Learn to manage campaigns, create ads, set bids, research keywords, and much more.


Develop your organisation’s Twitter presence and learn the techniques to tweet like a pro.


Learn to use Zoom for meetings, training, briefings and much more.


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