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Written by Alun John

Alun founded Marketing Tom and delivers some of its courses.

September 23, 2006

Just came across an interesting article on Smartbro’s Ups And Down about a new "Firefox-based" browser which allows for anonymous webs surfing. Apparently it has no installation which means that it can be used from a USB drive. According to a press release:

Hacktivismo, an international group of computer security experts and
human rights workers, just released Torpark, an anonymous, fully
portable Web browser based on Mozilla Firefox. Torpark comes
pre-configured, requires no installation, can run off a USB memory
stick, and leaves no tracks behind in the browser or computer. Torpark
is a highly modified variant of Portable Firefox, that uses the TOR
(The Onion Router) network to anonymize the connection between the user
and the website that is being visited.

As Smartbro says:

When you use Torpark, it will show different ip address every a few
minutes to the website your visiting. For example if you are in London,
Torpark will show the website that your in Australia and a few minutes
it will show that you are in China.

Just think of the implications this could have on accurate stats reporting for websites amongst other things.

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