Webcameron and the Google Generation

Written by Alun John

Alun founded Marketing Tom and delivers some of its courses.

October 2, 2006

Last week, at the Labour Party Conference, Tony Blair talked about the Google Generation and how:

two thirds of the country has access
to the internet. Millions of people are ordering flights or books or
other goods on-line, they are talking to their friends on-line,
downloading music, all of it when they want to, not when the shop or
office is open.

This week David Cameron, at the Conservative Party Conference, took a pop at Tony Blair saying:

It’s no good just talking about the ‘Google generation’, you’ve got to understand what it is that this generation not just wants but also how they want to communicate.

In a bid to tap into the soul of the Google Generation, Mr Cameron has decided to start Webcameron – his own personal blogging/video blogging site. Judging by the first instalment on ‘David’s Blog’, it looks like someone from the Google Generation should offer him some tips on how to write a blog:

After the speech, discussing Webcameron

Posted by David on 01 October 2006

Cameron talks about his first conference speech as leader of the
Conservative Party, and discusses Webcameron with Sam Roake, head of
Web Campaigning for the Conservative Party.

I suppose that someone from the Google Generation should let him know that blog articles should be written in the first person!

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