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Wired Celebrates 10 Years That Changed the World

Written by Alun John

Alun founded Marketing Tom and delivers some of its courses.

July 28, 2005

Wired_cover10 years ago Netscape went public and to mark the event Wired magazine is decicating much of its recent issue to the events that shaped the past 10 years of the Internet. I haven’t had a chance to look at the latest hard copy version of the magazine – I’ll pop in to WH Smith tomorrow – but the Wired website has some interesting snippets and a timeline. Here’s a taster:

The Whiz Kid – Marc Andreessen: "It’s a lot more fun
in retrospect. Startups are stressful, and Netscape was no different.
The funny thing is, back then we thought the horse had already left the
barn. Netscape’s ­predecessor, Mosaic, already had 1 million users. We
thought the market might be saturated. Even as late as ’95, the Net was
populated by early adopters, defense contractors, techies, and

Mar: Jerry Yang and David Filo incorporate Yet Another
Hierarchical Officious Oracle (Yahoo!) and raise $2 million in funding
from Sequoia Capital.

The Music Swapper – Shawn Fanning:
"This was such a weird time for us. We were living in San Mateo, about a block from the Napster offices. Rolling Stone
had come to photograph. At that point, Napster had already experienced
massive growth, but it didn’t seem real. Then the mainstream press came
around, and it was just a whirlwind, total craziness.

Dec: is the first publicly held dotcom to bite the dust. Woof!

The iPod Evangelist – Steve Jobs:
"We’d decided that
the iPod was too big to keep in the Mac universe, which turned out to
be the right decision. A little less than a year after this photo was
taken, we shipped our millionth iPod, which wouldn’t have been possible
without the Windows market.

Jan: 544 million people around the globe now use the Internet.

The Candidate – Howard Dean:
"Dick Cheney was holding
a $2,000-a-plate fundraising lunch, so we asked Americans all over the country to join me the same day for a lunch in front of their computers. It sparked a huge response, and, amazingly, the online
contributions from that day matched what Cheney made from his
fundraiser. It showed that our campaign, and that of other Democrats,
could remain competitive thanks to a growing base of people donating
small amounts.

Jan: Starbucks offers overpriced Wi-Fi to go with its overpriced coffee.

When you review the past ten years in their entirety, it is quite staggering how the Internet has changed everyone’s lives. If I remember rightly, it was around this time (1995) that I first discovered the Internet in some Internet Café in Madrid (that’s a plug for my other blog!).

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