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15 Years as a CIM Accredited Study Centre in Cardiff

Celebrating 15 years as a CIM Accredited Centre in Cardiff

Marketing Tom celebrates 15 years as an Accredited Study Centre delivering courses to students in Cardiff, further afield and online.

This month sees the 15th anniversary of Marketing Tom Media becoming an accredited see I am study centre in Cardiff. We have delivered CIM courses continuously over this entire period, even pivoting to online courses the month the pandemic struck. We are the longest established deliverer of CIM qualifications in the Cardiff area.

We have always focused on digital marketing and that is why we started off by delivering the old eMarketing Award (remember that?) before offering CIM’s CAM Diploma in Digital Marketing. However, my relationship with the Chartered Insitute of Marketing started before this when I developed and delivered the eMarketing Award through a EU-funded project which was created by Swansea Council.

We began delivering the “New” CIM Certificate in Professional Digital Marketing in 2008 and currently we offer 3 levels of CIM qualifications: the Foundation Certificate in Professional Digital Marketing, the Certificate in Professional Digital Marketing and the Diploma in Professional Digital Marketing. We also have started to offer the standard CIM Diploma and the CIM Sustainable Diploma.

Up until the pandemic we had delivered all our courses in Central Cardiff but currently all our courses are delivered online. Interestingly, this has resulted in an increase, across the board, of our grades. That said we may run the odd course, in-person, in Cardiff in the near future. The imoprovement in results hsa not come about soley through online delivery but a HUGE factor have been the wonderful tutors who have delivere these courses. Thanks to Terrie, Chris, Stephen, Beth, Louise, Judit and Jenna who have done a sterling job. And to Terrie who has done and conues to do a fabulous job as our CIM coordinator. ??

Check out our CIM Courses (Cardiff) page for more information.


Written by Alun John

Alun founded Marketing Tom and delivers some of its courses.

October 28, 2022

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