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New Academic Year, New Website!

Written by Alun John

Alun founded Marketing Tom and delivers some of its courses.

September 13, 2016

For those who have visited the site before, you will have noticed that the site has changed a little. The previous website was designed (and moved over to in 2010. It has performed very well and brought a decent amount of traffic in from Google searches. The original platform was developed using WordPress and featured the blog on the home page; in fact the blog categories could be accessed from every page. As many of you who use WordPress know, there are two key areas for many users: posts and pages. In our case, the same as for many companies, pages were used to flag up services and the blog was used to discuss topics related to the company, industry trends and to offer insights into new trends – especially relating to SEO, Analytics and Social Media.

However, one key factor has made change inevitable. Back in April 2015 Google announced that it would be “expanding its use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal” and sites which were not mobile friendly could see themselves being penalised. Coupled with the fact that mobile overtook desktop a few months prior to this it was inevitable that our site would have to bite the bullet and move over to a responsive theme. And bite the bullet we have!

The new site now features our core business services on the front page and the blog has been moved to a section heading in the main navigation, though the top 3 blog posts can be seen further down the page. A key consideration was to get visitors to the services they required as quickly as possible – whether it’s through the 4 services or our forthcoming courses. Facebook feeds have been taken off the home page and feature now as a channel link in the header and tweets now appear in the footer. We have added 2 new menus to the site to aid navigation from the home page and from underlying pages and, unlike many sites, we have retained the original blog categories within the blog section.

For those using mobile devices they will notice that the site automatically resizes according to the resolution of your screen and the main navigation collapses to the standard ‘menu’ for mobile devices. We hope you like the new site and welcome your thoughts on what you think we could improve on.



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