Google’s New Web Optimiser Tool

Written by Alun John

Alun founded Marketing Tom and delivers some of its courses.

October 23, 2006

Just read over at John Battelle’s Search Blog that Google’s Website Optimiser Team has just launched a new tool called, wait for it!, Website Optimiser. It is in Beta mode at present but they are looking for Beta testers to give it a test drive. Here’s what Inside AdWords has to say about the product:

Over the coming weeks we’ll be testing a new tool called the Website
Optimizer that can help you find out which content will convert best on
your site. Whether you define a conversion as a purchase or a
newsletter sign-up, Website Optimizer allows you to experiment with
different headlines, copy, and images on your site in order to find out
which combination results in the most conversions. You can use this
tool on your landing page or any page that represents a conversion.

It sounds like it could be quite useful and they have even done a quick tutorial on why landing pages are so important for your website.

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