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How to Use Wordtracker To Conduct Keyword Research

Written by Alun John

Alun founded Marketing Tom and delivers some of its courses.

August 15, 2005

I just picked up an interesting article at Future Now’s A Day in the Life of a Persuasion Architect, which talks about a report done at Wordtracker. The report – Keyword Research Guide – offers an insight into how experts use Wordtracker to carry out their online keyword research. With a foreword by Andy and Mike Mindel, creators of Wordtracker, and with ‘analysis’ carried out by some of the key names in search engine marketing it makes for very good reading. Here’s how it goes – Word Tracker decided to create a fictitional company:

We created a story around Virginia Veg, a fictional vegetable processing
company that wants to sell vegetarian dog food online, and asked experts
to tell us how they would use Wordtracker to offer advice to Susan Webster,
the CEO of our fictional company.

and they then asked the search engine marketing experts to come up with some solutions for this fictitious CEO. Here were their tasks:

  • Bryan Eisenberg – Convert more traffic using Wordtracker
  • B. L. Ochman – Understand your customer’s real motivations
  • Kevin Lee – Combine thousands of phrases for an effective PPC campaign
  • Stephen Mahaney – Use Wordtracker to find the size of the market
  • Ken McGaffin – Discover the most important sites in your marketplace
  • John Alexander – Find inspiration in Wordtracker’s top 1000 words report
  • Neil Davidson – Learn how an Ad Agency uses keyword research to position a client
  • Robin Good – Use Wordtracker to identify niche opportunities
  • Nick Usborne – Incorporate keywords into your content and copy

This FREE, 75-page pdf document offers some great advice for the selection of keywords for an online campaign. Here are some words of wisdom from Bryan Eisenberg:

Behind every search is a person.

The terms typed into search engines reveal a surprising amount about visitor intent. Know as much as you can about your potential customers, and use keywords that reveal intent to purchase your dog food products.

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