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Social Media Marketing Reports 2016

Written by Alun John

Alun founded Marketing Tom and delivers some of its courses.

September 15, 2016

Many students will be starting off their new academic year this month and there’s a very good chance that some of you will be attending accredited digital courses, such as the CAM Diploma in Digital Marketing, non-accredited courses such as the Social Media ones we offer or even University degrees. From our experience we know that there is a huge amount of information that you have to sift through and very often you will have to justify, quote, reference and provide stats for much of the digital work you present. To try to make at least one part of this a little easier, we have trawled the web looking for useful stats and figures on Social Media that you can use for reports or even in presentations for your organisations.

So, here we go:

  1. 2016 Social Media Marketing Industry Report (Social Media Examiner) – This is a pretty detail report from Michael A Stelzner who heads up Social Media Examiner
  2. We Are Social reports on the state of digital in 2016 (We are Social) – this is a pretty hefty collation from the guys at We are Social. There is a slide deck on here that numbers 537!
  3. 2016 State of Social Marketing Report (Simply Measured) – A 46-page report that includes a survey of social marketers, industry reports, and original research.
  4. The 2016 Australian Sensis Social Media report (Sensis) – For all you Aussies out there here are some Australian-focused stats.
  5. State of Social Media Marketing (Marketing Profs) – a neat little infographic to give you a quick idea of what might happen in 2016.
  6. The State of Digital Marketing 2016 (Smart Insights) – yet another infographic but from Dave Chaffey and crew.
  7. Taking Part focus on: social media (UK Department for Culture, Media and Sport) – this report looks at people in England who use social media and their demographic characteristics.
  8. UK Universities Social Media Benchmarking Report 2016 (Interactive Software) – for those in the UK HE sector this might prove of interest.
  9. FT Digital Media 2016 (FT) – 9 videos on digital trends for you to get your teeth into.
  10. 96 Amazing Social Media Statistics and Facts for 2016 (Brandwatch) – want some stats to dazzle people with? Then you should head over here.
  11. Social Marketing Reports (Social Bakers) – looking for global, up-to-date stats. Check out Social Bakers.
  12. DMA Insight: Social
    data Integration report 2016
    – this is a useful 22-page document focused on the UK.
  13. Adults’ media use and attitudes Adults’ media use and attitudes (Ofcom) – amongst other areas it considers there is a section on Social media in this 201-page report.
  14. Social Media and the WorkplaceSocial Media and the Workplace – this is an interesting report on how Americans use Social Media in the workplace.
  15. State of ChineseSocial Media in 2016 (Kantar) – a brief but concise overview of where Chinese Social Media is in 2016.

Bonus: Branding in the Age of Social Media (Harvard Business Review)

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