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Do You Think of Your Products & Services in Terms of Problems and Solutions?

Written by Alun John

Alun founded Marketing Tom and delivers some of its courses.

April 21, 2011

Two week’s ago I delivered a presentation to the CIM Digital Bootcamp at UWIC in Cardiff on Google AdWords. I shared the platform with Gareth Morgan of Liberty Marketing and I spoke about what AdWords were, where you’d find them , what they were used for and calls to action. On one of the slides I asked people to consider their products and services in terms of problems and solutions (this is a copy of that slide).

As marketers, sales people, business owners we often feel that we have a good grasp of what our target market want and the keywords they may use to find us. However, I think that more often than not we are too close to the action to see the real picture. The words and phrases that we use may, and more often than not are, be completely different to what our target audience uses.

Sometimes we see solutions in terms of products and services. And this is where problems often lie. We know how to find our products and services on the web because we are surrounded by them and talk about them day-in-day-out. However, what we need to do is think outside the box and ask what the product or service means to our target audience.

Here’s a good exercise. Ask yourselves the following questions and come up with the answers.

  • Why do people buy aspirin? (there should be a few reasons)
  • Why do people buy weedkiller?
  • Why do people buy a bluetooth headset?
  • Why do people want to join the gym?
  • Why do people buy Harry Potter books?

By asking ourselves these questions we may approach the buying and selling of our products online in a different way and even be more receptive to the needs of our target audience. Adopting this approach could (should?) also result in information being displayed differently on your website, the creation of newer and better user journeys on your website and even the creation of better AdWords and Social Media campaigns.

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