Social Media Cheat Sheet: Hashtags, Image Sizes and More

Written by Alun John

Alun founded Marketing Tom and delivers some of its courses.

May 22, 2018

I delivered a social media marketing training course in London yesterday to a group of attendees from a diverse range of organisations. As with every social media course run we had a good range of questions regarding Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and blogging. And so I thought I’d share some of the subjects that came up (along with others on recent social media courses) and offer you links to different sources where you will find the answers.

Character Length and Number of Hashtags

As with every social media course the question of the optimal amount of characters for writing blogs, Facebook updates, Twitter updates and the correct number of hashtags for Instagram and Twitter always comes up. In an article I wrote last month – 21 awesome social media hacks – I point out that 2 hashtags or Twitter and 11 for Instagram seem to be acceptable (both stats come from CoSchedule).

If you’re looking for a comprehensive guide to write numbers of characters and hashtags for all of the social media the Platforms, can I suggest you take a look at the Know Your Limit: The Ideal Length of Every Social Media Post article from Spout Social.

Image and Video Cheat Sheets

On the subject of limits it’s always a good idea to have a image size cheat sheet close at hand when you are crafting images for your social media posts. Social Media Today have got some useful Social Media image/video size infographics which cover all image sizes that you will need for the major platforms. Similarly, Sprout Social’s Always Up-to-Date Guide to Social Media Image Sizes is worth a read and displays the information in a different format to the previous one.

Copyright and YouTube 

We get lots of questions on our courses on the subject of copyright. Basically, what you can and can’t use on your websites or social media channels. Let’s take a look at YouTube and whether you are infringing copyright by embedding YouTube videos on your blog/website. In article on the GigaOm website, titled “Good news for Europeans: embedding YouTube videos is legal after all” we read about the European court of justice which ruled that embedding does not violate copyright law (as with all things legal I don’t recommend that you check these things out for yourselves).

Copyright and Twitter

Now, with regards Twitter a recent case may make people think twice about embedding tweets on to their website. As reported in many news outlets in March like Techcrunch (Federal judge rules that embedded tweets can represent copyright infringement) and Wired (A Ruling Over Embedded Tweets Could Change Online Publishing) embedding tweets may violate copyright. Yikes!  according to Wired,

“Katherine Forrest, a Southern District of New York judge, ruled Thursday that embedding a tweet containing an image in a webpage could be considered copyright infringement. The decision can be appealed, but if it stands and is adopted by other courts, it could change the way online publishing functions.”

Optimal times to post on Social Media

This is another popular question that we get askedand there are many stats out there which cover the main social media platforms. This is a DETAILED overview from Co-Schedule, which also uses data from 23 social media sources, on the Best times to Post on Social Media. And I do like this report from Sprout Social on the Best Times to Post on Social Media: 2018 Industry Research as it gives you insights into what works for different sectors on different platforms.

Demographics and Social Medium Platforms

We often get asked which are the most appropriate platforms for different audiences in different industries. I’m not going to generalise as to which platforms work best for different age groups etc, but  let’s take a look at what some of the research says. As always Sprout Social delivers the goods with their article, “Social Media Demographics to Inform a Better Segmentation Strategy” – it’s pretty neat as it does give you some really interesting insights. Pew Internet gives you some insight as to what is happening in the USA with their Social Media Use in 2018 article. Hubspot can offer you 100+ Social Media Demographics that Matter to Marketers. Smart Insights offers some interesting insights into what engages people, how users interact with brands and the fastest-growing social networks in their report, Global social media research summary 2018.

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