Has Google listed all, or any, of your web pages?

Written by Alun John

Alun founded Marketing Tom and delivers some of its courses.

September 9, 2004

How many of your pages are listed on Google? Not sure? Then try this:

domain_name+site:www.domain_name.com [.co.uk, whatever]

It can make sobering reading finding out how many, or few, of your web pages have been indexed by the biggest search engine. Recently, whilst checking the site of a new client, I found that only 1 of the many pages had been listed on Google. The web developer had decided to turn the main navigation bar into an image map and Google had been unable to navigate (and index) any further pages. If you’re unsure of whether Google has indexed a particular page, simply go to Google and type in the URL for the page you wish to know about. If it is indexed, Google will display its page title and a link to the site.

For any pages that are not listed, you have to help Google find its way to them. In the case of the client above the recommendation was to come up with a plain text navigation bar; have hyperlinks at the bottom of the page and ensure that internal keyword links can be found throughout the site.

Remember, sometimes Google may have cached (indexed) and old page of your website and, again, you will need to help Google re-spider this page. You can view the page Google has cached for your site by typing in its URL into Google and clicking the cached button. Here, you can see that Google spidered the page on the 7th September.


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  1. BytchInNY

    I tried your method and typed…


    into google and it returned nothing. I’m skeptical, though, becuase I know how to find my site on google usign various search terms. Am I typing the search string wrong?

  2. Alun John

    Perhaps I should have explained better. You need to replace the words “domain_name” for your own domain name. In the case of the previous commenter she would need to type in:


    For this site, it would be :

    If you have the Google toolbar downloaded, and if you don’t I would recommend that you do, you can also bring up your home page and select “current site” from the “search web” drop down bar (of Google Toolbar) – it returns the same results.


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