Setting Up Campaign URL Builder and for Google Analytics

Written by Alun John

Alun founded Marketing Tom and delivers some of its courses.

April 2, 2019

On our Google Analytics, Social Media and CIM courses we often talk about using Google URL Builder for tracking your campaigns, social media posts and other digital assets. The purpose of tracking is to give you more granular information on how your campaigns are working for you. The URL builder ‘code’ when triggered will appear within your Analytics account and when coupled with goals offers you even more insights.

In this quick tutorial I thought I would just explain how you go about achieving this.

First off we need to identify which page we would like to track. For this example, I’m going to track the “1-day Courses” page.

Copy the URL from the page that you want to track and then head over to Google URL Builder and add in your campaign medium, source and name:

As you add your details in you will see the Google is automatically generating the URL for you below:

Once you have copied this LONG URL, head over to a URL shorter like or and paste the URL into it.

Notice that, in this case, instead of shortening to, it has shortened to, which is the custom domain that I have connected to this account. You can also see that you are able to add your own information to describe the domain in a little more detail.

So, the next part is to use the URL. Let’s say that I wanted to use it on LinkedIn, I may construct the post along these lines.

Once published anyone who clicks on the link in the post will send information to Google Analytics. This will allow me to pick up the information on the Real Time or Acquisition reports:

or even campaign level:

And that’s how you can use Google URL Builder!

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