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Social Media Spotlight on Fitbit

Social Media Spotlight on Fitbit

Written by Alun John

Alun founded Marketing Tom and delivers some of its courses.

September 4, 2018

With the summer holidays over there’s a good chance that you will want to shed all those excess pounds that you have gained over the last couple months. And this means, undoubtedly, that you will start looking for fitness accessories: trainers, shorts, tops and, quite possibly, a fitness tracker. If you’re looking for a fitness tracker, there is every chance that you will evaluate one of the top 3 in terms of sales volume – Fitbit. So, what is this company doing in terms of social media activity?

In terms of social media Fitbit uses a number of platforms. As we can see below they are using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube and a blog. The first two even have dedicated UK accounts. What I aim to do now this offer an overview of how Fitbit is using each of these platforms hopefully this will give you some ideas and inspiration for managing and maintaining your own social media channels.

Fitbit Blog

As you can see from the headers at the top of the screenshot, blog articles are categorised according to whether they fall into the topics of Get Moving, Eat Well, Feel Good, Be Inspired or Fitbit News. You could say the first four sections are focused on your health and well-being, whilst the last section offers you a glimpse of the latest products and apps, events and media coverage of Fitbit. A rudimentary search on Google indicates that there are over 3000 articles written on this blog (the blog has been around product launched in 2007).

It’s worth noting that many of the articles are written by experts in a number of different sports / health / fitness fields; interestingly, even some of the product updates are written by these experts. Within the ambassador section the website you can find many of these experts.

Fitbit Twitter

The Fitbit Twitter Account has got 367,000 followers and has generated 11,600 tweets. The account offers the mix of product details/launches, links to blog articles, retweets from individuals/magazines covering Fitbit, tweets aimed at getting more engagement and even some customer service support. Virtually every tweet is accompanied by either video or images. Quite a few of the ambassadors (see above) are mentioned in tweets on this account and links to articles written by these ambassadors tend to appear within the Fitbit blog.

As you would expect from a company like this the twitter timeline features a pinned tweet at the very top – promoting a new product.

Here is an example of where Fitbit uses Twitter to highlight an article that they have written on their blog. The featured image of the tweet mirrors that of the blog article. It would appear that the Tweet has got (as of 3rd September) 11 retweets and 56 likes but further investigation shows that it received 205 clicks (160 on the day the tweet came out and a further 45 on 3rd September). As you would expect from a company of this size their bitlinks include campaign parameters which can be analysed using analytics tools (and itself).

Many of the tweets and retweets include statistics, which it would appear are quite popular with Twitter followers. Here’s one that highlights the country with the most strides worldwide – the title goes to Spain!

This is just one of the many retweets that Fitbit does. The link within the retweet has been clicked over 1200 times showing people’s appetite stats. But you can also see the value of people like David Pogue tweeting about your organisation. Regardless of whether you’re a large organisation like Fitbit or a small SME you cannot overstate the importance of developing links with ambassadors and influences.

Right the way across Twitter you’ll see organisations crafting tweets to celebrate this or that national holiday:
#LaborDay, #NationalWelshRarebitDay, #WorldBeardDay or even #NationalDogDay. When using these national days I suppose the key is to make sure that they fit in with the overall narrative of your business. Fitbit does!

On our social media courses we often talk to students about the importance of a content calendar and about considering the context of your organisation when writing social media content. What I would like to do now is try to categorise the types of tweets that the company has done over the course of one month.

  • Top tips – many times
  • Retweet magazine articles that feature Fitbit
  • Mentioning customers who, in turn, have mentioned Fitbit
  • Retweeting stats (from influencers/reporters)
  • Use of National Days
  • Links to blog articles (or Social Media hub)
  • Introduce new products
  • Recipes (from blog)
  • Mentioning ambassadors
  • Interviews with staff
  • Trying to engage through tagging (not too successful)
  • Introducing Fitbit apps (software)
  • Exercise tips (links to blog)
  • Introducing challenges (With Fitbit for kids)
  • Articles aimed at different stages of your life (getting pregnant and menopause)

As you can see variety is the order of the day but let’s not lose sight of the fact that the company also nicely balances images and videos, links to articles on the blog, website and 3rd party sites. Hashtags are used (sparingly) on practically every tweet, too.

Fitbit Facebook

This channel, though there are similarities in content to Twitter, is much more focused on engagement. As you would expect on Facebook the updates are much longer than those on Twitter. Over  2.5 million people follow this page though engagement, given such a high following, is quite low. Let’s review some of the types of updates Fitbit offer on this platform. Fitbit, it would appear, has embraced the latest craze – plogging – a Scandinavian trend which mixes jogging and picking up later. Fitbit has recently written a number of Facebook updates which show their clients jogging and picking up litter.

One thing that is immediately clear on looking at this Facebook page is the number of people who are using it to vent their frustration at Fitbit for all manner of issues. I did notice that some of the people kept leaving comments on different posts – possibly as they were frustrated at the company’s lack of response.

We also saw on Twitter, Fitbit is keen to use content from their ambassadors. In this example we can see a video which is created by a London Fitness ambassador.

And how about this? Simply encourage your fans to tag their images with @fitbit_ireland and the company, in turn, may well use your images across its channels. It looks like all images have been tagged on Instagram. They could regularly roll out a series of tweets like this to unlock user generated content.

Fitbit YouTube
The YouTube channel of Fitbit primarily divides its videos up into product introductions and “how to” sections. These videos are often embedded on to the main website and also used by ecommerce and review sites and journalists.

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