Social Media Spotlight On: Flavourly Craft Beers

Social Media Spotlight on Beer

Written by Alun John

Alun founded Marketing Tom and delivers some of its courses.

August 14, 2017

This article started out as a focus on customer love within social media: that is how brands embrace/encourage their customers to positively interact with the brand using tools such as images on Instagram or retweets, but it then developed into a review on how an online Craft brewery was using social media.  It is the 2nd such article we have done on this subject – the first being on Starbucks Social Media efforts . Flavourly is an Edinburgh-based craft beer club, which sends monthly boxes of craft beer to its customers. I came across them through some tweets that appeared in my Twitter timeline. Ironically, the first tweet I saw was a little dig at them for including one bottle less in their monthly pack – however, it was followed up by an apology and a promise to rectify said error.

How does Flavourly work?

They invite you to either sign up for a monthly ‘supply’ of 10 bottles or to offer this delivery as a gift to friends (the company also has a gin club). The cost of membership is £20 and includes a selection of light, dark or mixed cases. Flavourly encourage  you to rate the beers so they can be personalised to your own tastes. And here is some blurb from their own website:

At Flavourly, our team of top beer experts help you discover the best small batch craft beer from UK (and beyond) microbreweries who brew with a passion for quality, not quantity!

What Social Media channels do they use?

Flavourly use Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram. There is a blog but it looks like it may have been mothballed as they haven’t updated it for over a year. YouTube and Vimeo accounts can be found but little activity has happened on them.


The company has a very good following on both Facebook and Twitter with a decent following on Instagram. Their approach to using these social media channels, appears on the surface, to be quite different. Facebook is a channel that is used to introduce the craft beer companies that they have teamed up with and whose beer they offer clients. They give some insights to the companies and very often include ‘behind-the-scenes’ peeks as to how these companies operate. These updates are enjoyed by customers as they help tell the brand’s story. Here is one such example:


Twitter seems to be an ideal channel for retweeting ‘customer love’. To a large part the company itself is proactive in ‘pushing’ customers to publish images – each craft beer boxes is emblazoned with the words:

“Grab a brew, snap a picture, and join the community on Twitter using the hashtag below, it’s lots of fun!”

Here are some recent examples of their customers publishing user generated content:

and another:

Their Instagram account – FlavourlyHq seems to be made up of user generated content from the folks at Flavourly. It features their beer, their suppliers, their staff, some behind-the-scenes images and images of boxes/materials/magazine. All good stuff.

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