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Social Media Cheat Sheet

Social Media Cheat Sheet

Written by Alun John

Alun founded Marketing Tom and delivers some of its courses.

May 31, 2022

Whether you’re a student on one of our Social Media or CIM courses or have just stumbled across this blog post (welcome 👋 if you have), we hope that you will find some (possibly all) the tips below useful in your social media activities.

Where can I find stats on Social Media?

There are many resources out there for Social Media stats. we would recommend you check out Social Bakers, Econsultancy, Social Media Examiner and Social Media today. Smart Insights is useful for general digital marketing and social media stats, too. Check out Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends for a treasure trove of Internet Marketing stats. Another great resource is the Econsultancy website which will have loads of stats; likewise eMarketeer has a lot of free information which you can access (more often than not) for free. Sprout Social and HubSpot regularly publish that on social media, too.

And did you know that the UK government Office for National Statistics also publishes some great data on social media stats?

What books do you recommend on Social Media?

OK, you might want to start by checking out Everybody Writes by Ann Handley, Crushing It by Gary Vaynerchuk, Groundswell by Charles Li and The Art of Social Media by Guy Kawasaki. If you’d like to look at the darker 👿 side of Social Media, then Dark Social may be your cup of tea. Social Media Strategy by Julie Atherton is a very well written and practical guide to this subject.

What are the optimal image sizes for posting on Social Media?

You are pretty spoilt for choice here as most of three big social media management platforms regularly post updated social media image cheat sheets. You can make a start by heading over to Hootsuite to read their Social Media Image Sizes for Every Network. Like most of ther other recommendations they segment the social media platforms make it easier for you to quickly get to the media sizes for LinkedIn, Facebook, etc. Sprout Social is another source and I love the name of their page: Always up-to-date guide to social media image sizes! And here’s one from email provider Constant Contact: Social Media Image Sizes Guide. And finally, here’s one I hadbn’t come across before from Canva (which we mention in the next section👇): Design size guide. I must admit I do like its simplicity.

Which social media tools can I use to give my business the edge?

To help discipline yourself to publish effectively and consistently and regularly you might want to look at the following times:

  • Hootsuite – a great tool for scheduling Social Media posts and listening to social media conversations.
  • ContentCal – this works in a similar way to Hoootsuite. I have used both but refer this one.
  • Buffer – yet another tool for scheduling posts on social media.
  • TweetDeck – owned by Twitter and you guessed it, it schedule posts just for Twitter. Good for setting up your team on Twitter, for listening and monitoring.
  • Canva – my go-to tool for crafting social media posts, be it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn.
  • Social Bearing – a fabulous (and free) tool for monitoring tweet sentiment, discovering new hashtags and keeping an eye on your competitors.
  • Unsplash – are you struggling to find images to use on your Social Media posts? Well, this might be the answer to your prayers. High quality, extensive and copyright-free! BUT you might want to check out this useful article on Copyright from the International Property Office to know what your rights are.

Are there any tools you could recommend for finding keywords/hashtags?

Another tool you could use discovered he was via social media campaigns could be Uber Suggest, whilst SEMRUSH is another tool to check out. If you’re looking for hashtags you could head over to You might also want to check out some of the Google resources mentioned below.

What Google resources would you recommend?

Google is a great resource for mining information to help you craft your social media updates, from finding the right keywords to craft great blog titles to discovering the right keyword phrases to use and tweets or Instagram hashtags and even to spotting the latest trends.

If you’re looking for keywords, check out Google’s Keyword Planner, Google Analytics is your FREE tool for analysing digital marketing and website performance, whilst Search Console is the tool for measuring your Search traffic and performance. Google My Business is the tool for improving your local rankings on Google. Whilst Google Trends is a useful tool to check out what is trending/has been trending across search and news.

Each one of these tools can give you great insight into the ways your clients finding track to your brand and the keywords future customers may be using to find you (for this use Performance in Search Console 🧐)

Where to check out Social Media Ads?

Meta Ads Library – This is a pretty useful tool for checking out the Ads across Facebook and Instagram wof your competitors or other companies.

TikTok Top Ads – This is a really neat resource to see how your competitors are advertising on TikTok and to get inspiration from other companies. It also has some really neat stats for EACH ad.

How can I develop my Social Media knowledge?

The quickest and cheapest way is to read more on the subject and analyse (and learn from) what others have done. And then, read some more! Here are some of the sites I mention on our Social Media course.

Facebook for Business – Facebook’s own page packed with updates

A Beginner’s Guide to Facebook Advertising (sprout Social) – quite a good overview of Facebook Advertising form Sprout Social.

Mari Smith’s Facebook page – a very good resource for all things Facebook. Well worth the ‘like’.

Social Media Examiner
Social Media Today
Twitter for Business
Twitter Blogs
Facebook Blogs
Official YouTube Blog

I mention Social Video and Images a LOT on the course and I would recommend you sharpen up these skills. Go to events arranged by Facebook and Google and marketing conferences (there are a lot of them). And today, you can do so much from the comfort of your own home/office through the wonders of webinars and podcasts.

Reader suggestions

Huge thanks to Rosie Davies of Flexicare Group who answered my call for suggestions on other websites that might be of interest to readers. And, boy, did she come up with some great suggestions. Thanks Rosie.

Part 1
Adobe express (Canva 2.0) (blog)
Girls in Marketing 
Geek out with Matt Navarra (awesome newsletter)
The Diary of a CEO (the king of social media Steven Bartlett )
The Marketing Meetup
State of Digital
Hubspot Blog Generator
Portent’s Content Idea Generator
@sippinsocialtea (on IG)
Neil Patel blog
GOAT Agency blog (elite for latest news)
Ad Week/Ads of the year
Ad Age
The Drum
The Mention Memo

Part 2

Working hard or hardly working (podcast) We are social
Preview App (pre-plan IG feed)
Mojo (don’t google, search on App Store)
Sprout Social

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